A Committee of the Volunteer Railroaders Association


Professional railroaders Providing Track Car Services to Railroads throughout the Eastern Seaboard


— Track patrol and brush cutting, mid April, mid May, and each month thereafter, year 'round, Cape May Seashore Lines, Cape May Branch, former Reading. Six miles cleared so far.

Contact ECRG EIC Steve Weiss at sjwrr@eastcoastrailroadersgroup.com for specific dates / times.


— 1. Require membership in the Volunteer Railroaders Association ($20/yr.) Go to vratrips.org to join.
— 2. Print and sign ECRG Agreement and Release forms for each trip.
— 3. Print and take the ECRG Rulebook and Rules test. Submit to ECRG EIC SF Weiss for approval.
— 4. Trip fees will include access to host RR, Required insurance for access and ECRG costs for the excursion.
— 5. Trip fees do NOT include meals, lodging, fuel, personal expenses, personal insurance, or any other expense.


— 1. ECRG is run by professional railroaders who earn their daily living by producing in a railroad environment in accordance with Certified Federal Regulations (CFR), Federal Railroad Administration rules and railroad rules.
— 2. We are pro-active in adapting and adjusting "industry best" practices to our operations.
— 3. We actively consult with Railroad managements, transportation professionals and FRA regulators to review our operations to minimize risk.
— 4. We are not bound by tradition, past practices or "what worked in the past" or past precedents or past legal defenses in evaluating operations. We are free to implement what works and what is safest and best in the present.
— 5. We seek to partner with the rail industry to serve them above and beyond excursions.
— 6. Volunteer Railroaders Association and East Coast Railroaders Group personnel have conducted over thirty years of running safe and successful passenger train excursions on the NYSW Railway and NJ Transit lines as well as track car tours on various regional railroads in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.


— Operation of railway equipment, including motorcars, is governed by Federal, State and Railroad authorities. All rail property is owned by someone. Operation of any equipment on or around railroad property is only permitted with permission of the property owner or leasor. East Coast Railroaders Group will assist local, State, and Federal authorities in prosecuting illegal operators of railway equipment. Railway motorcar organizations now exist in most parts of the world. Please contact one of your local organizations. They have access to rail property, equipment information and SAFETY information. They are always looking to promote the hobby/sport and would love to have your help.

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